Window Film by eShield

You Really Can Have Your Leaded Glass Window Doors
and Energy Efficiency Too

Energy Efficient Technologies from eShield

eShield™ Technologies is a cut above all other insulations for sure. As a contractor, when you use eShield™ insulation products your home improvement project is guaranteed to make any resident more energy efficient. That’s a fact.

We also have an aesthetic side, too; and we’re excited to offer it to you. You’re going to love this product and so will your customer.

eShield™ Presents Decorative Window Film

Our line of decorative window film is the first of its kind that allows anyone to have beautiful leaded glass windows while keeping energy bills down. We offer a wide variety of design options that will complement the virtually any home. We’ve also got stylish transoms and sidelights for any entry door, providing privacy and security and beautifying the entrance.

Here are some of our window film styles:

  • Paris frost
  • Reeds
  • Angelina frost
  • Freeman
  • Monterey frost
  • Belford
  • Wilson frost
  • Empress
  • Katelan BBR

eShield™ Energy Reflective Glass Coating System

Traditional window film tries to reduce heat gain by darkening windows to absorb heat. eShield™ Energy Reflective Glass Coating employs state-of-the-art reflective technology to lower home energy costs. And because eShield™ ERG doesn’t darken your windows and transmits 75 percent of visible light, the home views won’t be compromised.

Check out SOME benefits of eShield™ ERG:

  1. Blocks 94 percent of all infrared light
  2. Rejects 99 percent of harmful UV rays
  3. Available with a limited lifetime warranty
  4. Protects your home furniture from fading and other damage
  5. Highest rating for visible light transition and solar heat gain co-efficiency from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

eShield™ insulation and energy efficient solutions are technologically the best for your window projects; but they are also some of the most affordable ones, too.  Choosing these window films can be about 75 percent less expensive than replacing residential windows while significantly bringing down energy costs.

Want to Learn More About eShield?

eShield™ is the leading brand in the industry when it comes to top notch insulation solutions for your attic. We have worked with home owners across the country for many years now and proven we’re the best at providing “The Perfect Attic System”

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