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Our business is to help increase energy efficiency in your home with our superior attic insulation products and expert installation. We help you make informed decisions as to the approach needed for your insulation project.  We do that by educating customers on their home’s heat flow.

What is meant by “Heat Flow?”

There are three types of heat flow – conductive, convective and radiation.

Conductive: Heat that flows through a solid material – windows, walls, even the roof

Convective: Hot air in the home is what conveys heat through the house. When the air rises to the ceiling then it takes the heat to other parts of the house

Radiant: Heat that is transferred from the Sun to an object or structure

These can cause an attic to become hot in the summer or lose heat in the winter, making it more difficult and expensive to regulate the temperature of your home. Insulation is the answer.

Traditional Insulation

Does a sufficient job combating two of the most common types of heat flow, conductive and convective heat, but is ineffective against radiant – a third type of heat transfer that comes from the sun.

Our eShield™ Radiant Barrier Insulation

State-of-the-art attic insulation reflects 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer – a leading cause of home energy waste. eShield™ radiant barrier insulation, combined with our own blown in insulation and air sealing service comprises “The Perfect Attic System.” that is designed to combat all three types of heat transfer

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eShield™ is the leading brand in the industry when it comes to top notch insulation solutions for your attic. We have worked with home owners across the country for many years now and proven we’re the best at providing “The Perfect Attic System”

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