Gutter Protection

The Nose Forward Gutter Guard

TruGuard features a nose-forward design providing maximum surface tension and adds to a seamless, decorative look at the same time. With a specially formed nose, debris falls off at three different points while channeling the water into the gutter.


Strength From Within

  • 0.024″ thickness
  • Kynar® 50% PVDF reduces fading and resist scratching
  • Available in aluminum for 5″ and 6″ gutters
  • Nose forward patented design provides maximum surface tension


Designed with Contractors in Mind

TruGuard is uniquely designed to attach to the fascia – not to the roof – with patented fasteners, adding strength to your existing gutters.

  • Ideal for a 2/8-12 roof pitch, yards with pine needles or maple tree whirlybirds
  • Patented lower hook clips firmly into the top edge of existing gutters
  • Extended back leg extends down the back of the gutter to ensure each panel is level
  • Patented front fastener locks into place before using the bracket to add strength to existing gutters
  • Second clasp spaces the TruGuard panel uniformly and in alignment with gutters

Patented Design

TruGuard Gutter Protection has a cover supported and anchored by a patented bracket. With this bracket the nose of the gutter protection is extended beyond the gutter edge, while using surface tension to channel water in.

Want to Learn More About GutterProtection?

TruGuard® Gutter Protection patented nose-forward design means that only water can get in – leaves, pine needles and debris are kept out – assuring the free flow of water from the roof to the ground.

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